Sunday, June 16, 2013

Digital Marketing Jobs

Some of the best places to start your search for jobs in the field of digital marketing include:


I find Indeed one of the most relevant job search engines on the market right now.  I would consider it the Google of job search sites.  It gathers a collection of job openings from multiple job openings sites.  It is a very simple web site that is easy to use and features many different filters that you can use to ensure that you find the jobs that are the most relevant to you.  One feature that some companies use when they post jobs on Indeed is a feature where you can apply directly from the site and it will upload all of your information if you have created a profile, which will significantly cut down on the time it takes to apply for an open position.


Glassdoor is more than just a job search site, here you can look more in depth into thousands of companies and learn what other people say about the company, how much you should expect to be paid, what to expect during the interview process, and often a few photos of the company.  They are also expanding their open jobs tab where you can create a profile and find jobs that may interest you.


LinkedIn is one of the most crucial sites to use when searching for a job, especially in the field of digital marketing.  The site is in a way a more professional version of Facebook where you can connect with people and learn more about their professional career, and you can use the jobs tab to look for jobs that may interest you.  LinkedIn has a few features that are similar to Indeed where you can apply directly on the site and it will upload your information helping to save you some time.  The feature that I really like is that it tells you for a position how many people have applied or how many people have clicked the link to apply directly on the company website.  This is nice because you can easily see how many people you have to compete against for that position.  Another feature that I really like, is that when you apply for a position on LinkedIn it will tell you once your application has been viewed so you can make it easier if you want to follow up with the company or not.

When I was searching for a position in digital marketing these were the three sites that I used the most since I felt that they have the most relevant positions of what I wanted to start my career in.  I am confident in saying that if you use these sites effectively and are persistent in using them you will be a leg up in your job search.


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