Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Great Google Chrome Add-Ons for Marketers

There are a lot of different tools out there that can help any online advertiser.  Here are two of the better ones that are essential if you want to create effective search or display campaigns.

The first one is called the User Agent Switcher.  This tool is nice for when you create ads and you want to check how they would appear on a different device or browser.  It especially comes in handy when you want to see how a mobile ad will look or when you want to see what a mobile site looks like.  With this extension, you can quickly change between a desktop version to a mobile version in no time.

The other add-on that is really helpful is the Google Tag Assistant.  This extension is a way to verify that you have correctly installed different Google tags.  This is really nice when you want to make sure that the Google Analytics tag that you attached is in the correct spot and working correctly.  You can also use this tool to check for your Google AdWords Conversion Tracking.  This way you can make sure you tags are working properly before you launch your ad campaigns.

These are some excellent tools that every digital marketer should use.  They are super easy to install if you are using the Google Chrome browser, and they will make your daily tasks a whole lot easier.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Best Keyword Tools Today

There are plenty of keyword tools out there that you can use, some are free and others are a software that you can buy.  All of them have their advantages and if you use multiple tools you can hit every target you need to.

Most of you now know that Google has taken away the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and replaced it with the Keyword Planner which is a combination of the old keyword tool and the traffic estimator.  The combination helps by making the process of researching keywords even faster.

Here is a list of my favorite keyword tools in the digital marketing world.

1.  Ubersuggest: This is a very nice tool to help you generate some new long tailed keywords.  Ubersuggest allows you to choose a language and what mediums to look at, like web, images, or video.  It creates a nice and neat list of keywords in alphabetical order to make all of your searching easy. 

As you can see, Ubersuggest comes up with a clean list that can help you come up with some excellent ideas for new keywords, and you can also use the tool to help you find out what cities are the popular areas for your search query.  This tool is also a great aid when you are working on your sites SEO.

2.  Google Keyword Planner: This is a pretty obvious choice for any list of best keyword tools since it is essential for anyone planning on working in the digital marketing world.  Google recently took the keyword tool and combined other pieces and created the keyword planner.  It is an awesome tool that will give you all sorts of data like: local monthly searches, the competition level, and the suggested bid.  These stats might not represent the actual data exactly, but at least you get a rough idea of what is ahead.  If you have an AdWords account it is easy to access this tool, just go into the tab labeled "Tools and Analysis" and click the option "Keyword Planner".

3. Wordstream Keyword Tool: Wordstream offers a handful of tools to help in your digital marketing process.  The keyword tool can help you come up with some new keywords and help you learn about the frequency of each of these keywords.  This tool also allows you to create a niche group of related keywords, and will give you further suggestions.
4. Soovle: This last tool is a nice way to see an overview of a variety of keywords on multiple channels.  Soovle will show you relevant search terms on sites like Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, and Wikipedia.  This is an excellent way to get a diverse list of keywords.  It is a very nice tool to use that will auto-generate its own ideas.  Most keywords will be similar on each of these sites, but you will get a handful of different keywords in each, a nice way to get a large variety of keywords.


Using all of these tools will help you create a very large database of keywords for your advertising campaign ensuring that you do not miss any areas that your ads should be appearing.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Tips To Help Increase Your Ads Click-Through Rate

Having a high CTR is one of the most important parts of managing a PPC account.  There are many different steps that you can take to help increase your ads CTR. Here is a list of five that I have found to be very successful.

1. Add Sitelinks: Having multiple sitelinks attached to your ad will help performance for multiple reasons, it helps take up more space on the search engine which creates a better possibility of having your ad clicked on.  In Google for example, you are allowed to have up to six sitelinks showing if you are in the first position.  This gives someone searching six more links that will take them to your website.

2. Dynamic Keyword Insertion:  This is a way to create very custom text for your ads.  If you have this in your ad, Google will update your ad text to include a customers search terms.  Dynamic Keyword Insertion looks like {KeyWord:Baseball} when a customer searches for one of your keywords, AdWords will automatically replace it with the search term.  If the search term is too long, Google defaults it with the word to the right of the colon.  This is an essential strategy in PPC because the more relevant an ad is to a customer, the more likely they are to click on it.  Lets say someone searched for "Cheap Baseball Cleats" and saw an ad with the exact same headline, there is a better chance he or she will click on that ad over the ad that states "Baseball Gear"

3. Add an Extension:  Creating a PPC campaign allows you to add extensions to your ad like a call extension or a location extension.  Adding extensions is yet another way to help take up more space on the search engine better helping your chances someone clicks on your ad.  If you have a call extension, there is a good chance that the search engine will add it to the headline of your ad helping drive more phone calls.  A location extension is also essential to add if your business has a physical location.  Once again, it helps take up more space on the search results page. It also helps for a person who is looking for your business to easily click the location extension to find out where you are located.

4. Extended Headline:  If your ad appears at the top of the Google search listing you have the possibility for your first description line to join your headline and create a longer ad headline.  The way that this can happen is by ensuring that your Description Line 1 ends with a punctuation.  The longer headline helps make your ad more visible over the other ads and organic sites in the search results.  It always helps to ensure that the ad is very visible and appealing.

5. Remove Poorly Performing Match Types And Keywords: If you look through your list of keywords and notice that some of the keywords or certain match types are creating a lot of impressions but generating very few clicks consider pausing these keywords and adding new phrase and exact keywords.  Broad keywords will generate several impressions, but almost always have the worst CTR, so stay away from these if you want a decent CTR.

These are just a handful of tips to increasing your ads CTR, using these tips along with what you have learned on your own will most definitely help increase the CTR on your ad, in turn bringing more people to your website.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Purchasing Your Brand Name When Using Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the most important techniques that is essential when creating a pay-per-click strategy, is ensuring that you purchase keywords directly related to your brand name when using Google AdWords or Bing Ads.  A lot of people often skip this step because they believe that it is not necessary. Someone without any knowledge in this field might assume that if a person searches for a company or website it is not essential to purchase your brands keywords since people are already directly searching for you.  They take it as wasting money on people that are most likely already going to click on your site.  I will give some top reasons on why purchasing your brand name should always be the first thing that you do when you create a search engine marketing strategy.

1.  Protecting your brand name.  This is the most important reason to purchase your brand names keywords.  Since the keywords are going to be very specific and matching your brand name, Google or Bing will give you a high quality score because your ads are so relevant to when the person is searching for your brand name.  When you have a high quality score the cost for each click becomes cheaper and cheaper.  So purchasing your brand name will always be cheaper than more generic keywords.  If you are not purchasing your brand name in these campaigns it allows other advertisers to purchase your brand name as a keyword at a much lower cost since you are not purchasing it.  This is due to low amount of competition on those keywords.  This allows your competition to potentially steal traffic from your website.  Do you want someone advertising their brand when they were searching for you? I don't think many people do.

2.  More real estate.  Another excellent reason to purchase your brand name keywords means that when someone searches for you they will see multiple links to your website which gives you an even larger portion of the Google, Bing, or Yahoo search listings real estate, creating an even higher probability that they will click on one of your ads, or organic listing.  Giving you more traffic than the competition that is buying your brand name as well.

3.  Custom ad copy.  When you make an ad you can put what ever content into the ad that you want, as long as it follows advertising policies that is,  this gives you the opportunity to advertise something that someone might not see when they just see your organic listing.  For example, your company just came out with a new product and you want people to know about it, you can easily updated your ad copy and the ads will start showing within a few minutes.  Organic listings change at a much slower pace because they search engines generally use bots to crawl your website and they populate the content of the organic listing with what ever they believe is the most relevant.

4.  Custom sitelinks. When someone sees your organic listing as the top search on Google, most likely Google will ad multiple site links that a user can click on.  You have no control on which sitelinks Google shows.  When you create an ad however, you can pick any page you want to create a sitelinks.  This gives you potential to link to a new product, or your directions page, to ensure that a user goes to the pages that you most want them to visit.

I believe that these are some of the most important reasons to bid on your brand name when you create a digital marketing strategy.  Doing this is usually going to cost you a very small portion of your budget, so you do not have to worry about this breaking the bank and it gives you so many possibilities to ensure as many clicks as possible and to show people anything you would like.